Wuhan Diary #1

My name is Ke Ming. I’m a Wuhan artist. This is a work I took for the year of the rat in Chinese Spring Festival on January 20, 2020. It was also the part of my solo exhibition in New York, entitled Trapped in Wuhan 2020, curated by Lingyuan Hu, who is one of the curators of the show. Because Covid 19 was breaking out in Wuhan, China at that time, I temporarily added a mask to express my record of life at that time and my worry about the epidemic situation. It’s more a prayer for you.
Since the closure of Wuhan on January 23, 2020, it has been 105 days since the outbreak of Wuhan. In the past time, China’s epidemic situation has made a phased improvement. Wuhan, including other cities in China, has slowly returned to work and production, and people’s lives have gradually normalized.
I’m still scared when I think about it. Because my family and I have suffered great physical and mental trauma in this epidemic, and of course, those who lost their lives due to the epidemic.
From today on, I will record some Diaries of post epidemic period in Wuhan from my personal perspective.

Ke Ming